Water Bodies

Much like all civilizations that are built around water, so is Aavisa. Gentle waterways and water
bodies caress the lands of Aavisa. Sit back, relax, and take in the calm of the soothing waters of:

  • Periya eri which touches the northern boundary and is spread across 110 acres
  • Karnai eri which forms the western boundary and is spread across 25 acres
  • Sitteri, spread across 22 acres, and, Vadahal eri, spread across 42 acre in the East
  • Kolleri, spread across 11 acres, and, Kosaveri, spread across 7 acres on the North West
  • The largest one, Tenneri, which caresses the southern boundaries of Aavisa and is spread
    across 520 acre

    These water-bodies don't just add to the charm of Aavisa, but also ensure that you live in a
    serene and life giving environment.