Getting Around

Aavisa's Primary roads have been designed to serve a variety of functions. They act as gateways and entrances, transit corridors for large-scale transit volume and as the primary road network around the Township. Aavisa’s medians will be lined with trees and double arm street lights, and, dotted with various landmark features.

The trees along the cycling paths and the pedestrian sidewalks will create a canopy like effect keeping the sunlight and dust and smoke away. There are stone benches along the side walk to rest or take in the beauty. Wide cycling tracks have been included to facilitate pollution-free commuting and light delivery services. Our aim is to encourage walking and cycling as the main modes of travel, thereby improving Aavisa's environment as well as the health of the inhabitants.

Through generous provision of street greening, the streets at Aavisa will take on a ‘living’ quality with trees as their main features.